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We are a company of specialist engineering in technology projects development of electrical safety, energy, improving electrical systems, suppling  equipment and solutions to bring will increase the productivity of our clients, the grow of self company and share benefits to stackholders, and grow up our country.



For 2025 year will be acknowledge in Colombia and world wide like the best companies to development technologies projects for electrical safety, energy, and improving electrical systems; highlighted by his good customer service and his high technology, with people specialisted.



Load flow and Short Circuit

For new or an existing  electrical system, is good to know the perfomance for diferent conditions, real work duty or future to management the reliability and improving the electrical safety.

Protection and Coordination

Many technical people knows about dynamic behavior of electrical systems, and with new projects, new loads is very important to mantain de reliability of equipments from electrical protections under new conditions of faults, request up-date settings or to change the protection devices.

The start these technical activities we must to know the On-line diagram up-dated.

Power Quality Studies

With main proposal to mitigate and solve the PQ Troubles and cut losses, from a diagnostic and to know the electrical system through a Survey, monitoring, assesment  and electrical parameters analysis, we can  to determine the cause and origen of malfunction devices or faults, in relationship with Sags, Swells, Grounding, Harmonics, Flickers, unbalance voltage, Transients etc.

Studies indicate that power quality problems has high cost, a lot of million of USD, by loss production.

Our work has reference on Standards like IEEE 519, IEEE 1159, and EN50160

The survey and monitoring time is in function of operation system and complexy or troubles from bad PQ.



The base line for a good operation electrical instalation (high availibity, electrical safety  and reliability) is to begin with a good design and detail engineering; our work is according International Standard like IEC, IEEE, NFPA, etc; considering the Reliability, Safety, Voltage quality, reasonable in Cost, etc, the scope from our offices are:

  • Industrial and Commercial installations
  • Hospital installations
  • Safe Automation
  • Lightning Protection System (External and Internal)


Around of world the electrical system should be designed and constructed to be safe for operating personal,  The Arc Flash studies or incident energy is perfomed using the results from Short-circuit and protective coordination studies. The main goal is obtain the boundary limits and personal protective equipment PPE for personal.

Currently the  Standards to development studies are the NFPA 70.E and IEEE 1584, with a software computer; ENERSA use etap.

A good practice is the Prevention through design

The statistics show that several hundred injuries occur annually by electrical shock, and some cases with death.

Products and Services

We have deep experience in Industrial, Commercial and Hospitals sector

  • Studies Electrical systems
  • Power Quality Studies
  • Safe Automation
  • Electrical Safety in LV.
  • Lightning protection System (External and Internal)
  • Load flow and short Circuit
  • Infrared Thermography for Electrical equipment
  • Protection and Coordination.
  • Arc Flash Hazard analysis and Mitigation.
  • Conceptual and Detailed Desing
  • Fire Investigations according NFPA 921.

Also with focus in Hospitals Installations in these areas:

For his new projects, Remodelation, new services.

Many troubles by malfunction devices and broke biomedical devices has origen in electrical systems by bad Power quality

  1. Operating Theatre
  2. Intensive Care Room
  3. Premature Baby Room
  4. Laboratory
  5. Heart catheterization Room
  6. Diagnostic Images: Angiographic, Ray-X, Magnetic Resonance.
  7. Hemodialysis Room


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General Manager: Mr. Yuri Rizo

Phone: +57 – 1- 452 3039


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